Why use Dorset Wedding Planners impromptu weddings service?

Spontaneous weddings are often the most exciting and with todays busy life styles how can you organise the best day of your life in a matter of months or days when most couples meticulously plan their wedding over a period of year or more?

The average time spent by couples in the UK organising their wedding is between 250 and 300 hours – that’s the equivalent of 8 full time working weeks – 2 months! Have you got this much time to spend and also enjoy the build up to your special day?

You employ professionals on a daily basis to cut your hair, fix your car, sell your house - so why take a chance when planning your wedding?

You’ve met the perfect person, so why not have the perfect wedding?

At Dorset Wedding Planners we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create the wedding day you deserve.

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