On average a couple in the UK will spend between 250 and 300 hours organising their wedding - that's the equivalent of 8 full time working weeks - 2 months!

Planning a wedding rates alongside moving home and bereavement as one of the most stressful life events. Coordinating a wedding is not something that you can do overnight - it's an expensive, lengthy, time consuming process that takes weeks, months and sometimes years for couples to plan.

Using a wedding coordinator is the modern, stress free way for busy couples to organise their wedding.

There is no point spending vast amounts of time creating the perfect wedding, only to see it ruined because you haven’t checked that the simple things have been taken care of. If you want the wedding of your dreams Dorset Wedding Planners will help to make it happen.

Who is going to deal with any problems that may arise on or before your wedding day you or your wedding coordinator? Its every couple’s dream to have the most fantastic, memorable day of their lives but will you be able to relax and enjoy your special day? Will you wonder if the venue is double booked, if the cake has arrived, whether the place cards are in the right order on the tables, if the band will be there on time - to highlight only a few of the events that may go wrong!

By using a wedding coordinator you will still be involved 100% in making every decision but someone else will be doing all the work, taking the stress and strain on board so that you are free to enjoy the build up to your special day as much as the day itself. By employing an experienced wedding coordinator You will never know if anything goes wrong.

The benefits of using a wedding coordinator are:-

  • Expert advice
    Dorset Wedding Planners can offer you advice and help on all aspects of your wedding for example wedding etiquette, legalities and protocol.
  • Avoid stress
    Employing Dorset Wedding Planners will give you confidence and total peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional is organising your wedding. Every single detail will be expertly arranged in plenty of time. We can also be in attendance on your wedding day to ensure everything goes according to plan leaving you to relax and enjoy every special moment.
  • Save money
    Employing Dorset Wedding Planners is not expensive we can actually save you money! As well as helping you plan (and stick to!) your budget, we can often negotiate discounts for you from many suppliers.
  • Save time
    There are literally thousands of companies offering wedding related services from cakes to cars. Many busy couples simply do not have the time to research or visit every single one. Dorset Wedding Planners will save you time by researching exactly what you want for your wedding, from the venue, the right supplier, making the bookings and confirming all the arrangements for you.
  • Imaginative ideas
    Whatever style of wedding we can give you lots of imaginative ideas to make your wedding memorable and as unique as you are.

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